Special Package in Shangri-La Singapore, Valley Wing Deluxe with Breakfast

Shangri-La Singapore has a specific package that is suitable for solo travelers or a couple of travelers. This package is called Valley Wing Deluxe with Breakfast. If you read the name, of course, you will know that the promotion that offers a delicious breakfast. It will make you have a good mood to start the day.

Breakfast Package and Other Delicious Menus

In Shangri-La Singaporeyou can eat and drink many kinds of food and beverages. A la carte breakfast, a la carte dinner, and a la carte lunch have the various menu. Not only in-room food, but you can also go to the restaurant to dine in. the restaurant has a beautiful decorations. It is very comfortable because there are many AC in that place.

If you like to get some more drinks, just go to the bar or beach bar that is very good for the solo traveler and group traveler. Breakfast is always ready in this package. You can choose some options, like breakfast and dinner, breakfast and lunch, buffet breakfast, breakfast served to the table, breakfast with surcharge, and brunch. It is up to you because the hotel management can provide it based on your needs.

Buffet dinner and buffet lunch are recommended for some guests that need extra time to eat. If you are one of them, you have to take this package. The restaurant and the cuisine are very interesting and Instagrammable. You can make a review in this place based on your experience.

Not only bar and restaurant that has a warm atmosphere, but the café is also good. You can drink coffee or tea and many other beverages. It is so warm, so you can enjoy a relaxing time while looking for some inspiration.

Continental breakfast in a good dining area is very delicious and cozy. The place is well decorated and the furniture is beautiful. Gala dinner may be a good time to talk with your partner or team. If you have an allergy, you can order gluten-free meals.

There is an offer for a hot breakfast serving. You can enjoy it with friends or with your partner. If you like to swim and drink cold beverages during the daytime, the poolside bar will make you feel comfortable. In the evening, you can eat various food from the menu dinner set. Not only in the evening, at noon you can get a set menu lunch too.

If you like some snacks, there is a snack bar that has many kinds of snacks. This restaurant also offers a dietary menu and vegetarian meals if you want to eat special meals. So, you do not need to worry about the cuisine. Because this hotel is very friendly for all guest.

All of these menus will you get if you book Valley Wing Deluxe With Breakfast package for your staycationDon’t miss the opportunity to reserve the room with a special discount. With the discounts, you can pay less for the bill and get the same facilities or services.