How Global Sevilla as International School Jakarta Holds their Learning Activities

As an important aspect of human life, education should be held well to optimize the result. Schools can realize it by conducting purposeful learning activities, so the students can get the knowledge as much. Therefore, Global Sevilla, as an international school Jakarta, exists with its great learning activities to encourage students to be excellent individuals.

How Global Sevilla Holds their Learning Activities

  1. Creating a Positive-Supportive Learning Environment

The main focus of this school is to guide the students to be excellent in academics and non-academics and encourage them to have good character. So that is why this school strives to create a positive learning environment through the values and character-building program implemented here. These will bring a positive atmosphere to the students and teachers.

Then, to support the interest and ability of each student here, this school offers various activities, whether about academics or non-academics. It aims to encourage them to develop their interest and ability unlimitedly. As a result, the students here will get a positive and supportive environment in this international school Jakarta that is very beneficial for their learning.

  1. Using International Curriculum for the Learning System

In particular, for academic terms, this school uses international curricula for all education levels here. These curricula used are different for each level, considering the needs of students. For preschool, it uses IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) and Fieldwork Education for kindergarten. Moreover, it encourages students to learn through purposeful playing activities.

Furthermore, for the elementary level, this school has two curricula: Cambridge Checkpoint and IPC (International Primary Curriculum). Then, this school uses IGSCE (International Certificate of Secondary Education) for the secondary level. And for the final level, use Cambridge International AS and A Level. These curricula are suitable for unleashing students’ potential.

  1. Providing Incredible Facilities to Support the Learning Process

Many incredible facilities are provided to support the learning process in this international school Jakarta. Thus, the teachers and students can use these facilities to facilitate the learning process to reach the maximum result. Moreover, the facilities include classes, laboratories, a gymnasium, a library, swimming pools, playgrounds, and a green-spacious school environment.

In short, how the learning activities have been held shows the quality of this school. It makes Global Sevilla the best international school in Jakarta, capable of guiding the students to be excellent in academics and non-academics and encouraging them to have good character. Thus, parents should not hesitate to send their children to study here.